Afterglow Skin Therapy

A professional  & privately owned Skin Care Studio


Welcome to Afterglow Skin Therapy, where science, nature, and nurture intertwine to bring you balance, radiance, and healthy skin.  I combine various modalities, while using pharmaceutical and professional grade ingredients within a plant based skin care line to achieve optimal results and provide lasting results.

Your skin is your largest organ and one that is constantly self-regenerating and fighting off daily onslaughts such as pollution, radiation, bacteria, toxins, daily stressors, makeup, etc., it's these reasons and so much more that we must take care of and maintain a healthy skin care regimen to prevent and repair.  No matter your skin type or skin condition, it is possible for everyone to achieve their best skin!  

Call today or go online to book your appointment.  All skin care services begin with a complimentary consultation, so make sure you arrive 10-15 mins early before each appointment.  

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Be well and be safe,


*certified Dermalogica® Expert & account holder/authorized seller

*authorized Sorella Apothecary account holder/seller.

*certified in Dermaplaning 

*authorized Bio-Therapeutic Spa

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